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Most Popular Blogs for MRI Users in 2018

Our Experiences as MRI Implementation Consultants

As you may already know, we are MRI implementation consultants with 20 years of experience installing MRI software. We are charged with guiding our clients in the use of MRI, and we attend various MRI conferences each year to learn more about the technology as it becomes more robust. As a result, we thought you, our MRI clients and users, would benefit from a summary of what we saw, learned, and experienced first-hand in 2018. For a crash course on MRI’s upgrades 2018, what’s in the pipeline for the future, and our insights on all this news, read on!

#1: An End-of-Year Checklist for MRI Users

By far, our most popular MRI blog of 2018 was our simple year-end guide to closing out your MRI system. Last January, we released a reliable end-of-year checklist that helped our clients close out their MRI system in 2017. Still applicable at the end of 2018, and without giving away too much of the secret sauce, here’s our trusty year-end process and checklist for MRI users.

#2: 6 Newsworthy Notes from MRI International Users Conference

The MRI International Users Conference (IUC) keeps getting better and better, but this past autumn’s was truly impressive with more than 110 learning sessions and 1,400 in attendance. We walked away with so much to gush over including six major takeaways of MRI IUC Atlanta: Job Cost enhancements; corporate real estate (CRE) updates; a focus on the MRI Fixed Assets module; and a plan for MRI Workspeed, the simplification of single sign on, and the continued investment on, well, investment management.

#3: 3 High-Return Features for Property Managers in the Rental Market

In 2018, we began to see the changing tides of the rental industry and the major trends causing the ripples in the water. One major influence is the slowdown in the demand to rent. While still strong in major metro areas, rent demand is slowing everywhere else in the states, according to a “Forbes” article published in 2018. Because of the recent spike in supply and development, occupancy rates have decreased. With less demand, property managers need to be more strategic about about budgeting and forecasting as well as attracting and retaining tenants. In our third most popular blog of 2018, we take a deeper dive into these three high-return features that benefit property managers in the rental industry.

A Thank You to Our Readers

As long as you keep reading, we’ll keep blogging. We love being able to provide additional support and guidance to our clients—old, new, and prospective—as well as all you other MRI users out there. We look forward to continuing this level of support in 2019 and beyond. Here’s to a great year ahead!

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