January 3, 2019 10:00AM

Most Popular Yardi Blogs of 2018

A Word from Your Trusted Yardi Implementation Consultants

As Yardi consultants with decades of experience between us all, we thought our clients and Yardi users alike would appreciate a recap of our most popular Yardi blogs of 2018. The year was full of enhancements, fun functionality tricks, and insider scoops from Yardi conferences throughout the year.

#1: 5 More Functions of Yardi You Aren’t Using (But Should)

To date, our most popular blog post continues to be 5 Functions of Yardi You Aren’t Using (But Should). Because it was so widely read, we wrote a sequel, 5 MORE Functions of Yardi You Aren’t Using (But Should). This post became this year’s most-read Yardi blog by a landslide.

This popular blog post covers five amazing functions that you may not have heard about and how to take advantage of them: Yardi’s validation tool for analyzing your Chart of Accounts; the Yardi Database Snapshot Report; Yardi Intercompany Accounting; Core Voyager’s purchasing functionality; and the Yardi Voyager Construction Cost module are all tremendously helpful for your day-to-day business processes.

#2: Top 5 Takeaways of YASC San Diego 2018

September’s Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference (YASC) in San Diego was jam-packed with company news and Yardi implementation insights, so we got right to work. We penned a blog that highlighted the five most important talking points at YASC San Diego including Elevate, Yardi’s new approach to front office business; Yardi PAYscan and how they are working on making it smarter by interpreting data; Yardi Investment Management including InvestorPlus and the Investor Portal; and Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting improvements.

#3: Key Insights from YASC DC 2018

Yardi’s east coast conference, Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference (YASC) in Washington DC was just as enlightening as its west coast counterpart. Yardi had a lot of updates to share,  and we followed suit in a blog highlighting the best takeaways from the conference. We gushed about updates to the New York module and the new features available for CRM and RENTcafe. We took a look at Yardi Elevate Multifamily and Yardi Elevate Commercial. We touched on Leasing Management and what you need to know about Lease Accounting and Lessee Accounting; and we dove into Yardi Investment Management, exploring new financial consolidation rules as well as the much-appreciated enhancement combining Yardi InvestorPlus with its investor portal to improve investor relations.

A Shout Out to Our Readers

We hope you enjoyed a look back at Yardi’s biggest news, enhancements, and accomplishments of 2018, and found it helpful as you move your sights to 2019.

Thank you for reading, engaging, and making our blog a success. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with many clients as their Yardi implementation consultant. We’re always happy to share our industry insights, help you better understand Yardi functionality, and keep you in the know when it comes to exciting new developments. Is there an area of Yardi you’d like us to cover? Let us know what you’d like to see next.

Thanks for a fantastic 2018 and here’s to another great year!