What goes up, must come down. Newton’s law is as applicable to the real estate market as it is to physics.
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July 2016 eNewsletter

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What goes up, must come down. Newton’s law is as applicable to the real estate market as it is to physics. The challenge for those of us in the industry is to equip ourselves with the tools we need to ride the market's dips and peaks, as well as think creatively about how—and where—to focus next.

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Building Better Budgets

Budgeting season—that all-encompassing, paramount process that forecasts your profitability next year—is about to begin.

The budgeting process is inevitably a massive enterprise, inarguably one of the most important undertakings for any real estate management company. It behooves you to ensure that the software platform you already have is working at maximum capacity to make this mission-critical budgeting process as accurate and efficient as possible.

Is yours?


MRI Vendor Pay

You may already know that we at REdirect, like many of our clients, are big fans of AvidXchange’s automated invoice and payment processes. We were therefore equally thrilled when MRI announced the release of the Avid-powered MRI Vendor Pay.

This new partnership brings the power of Avid payment functionality directly into the MRI system, for an even more streamlined user experience.

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Bracing for Decline

After a robust few years of steady growth, the rental market is showing signs of slowing down. From multifamily properties in Atlanta to newly constructed apartments in San Francisco, real estate investors and property managers are taking note of the trends and taking stock of their assets to determine the best way to weather a possible waning of the rental market.

Here’s what you need to know.


The Next Big Borough Might Not Be a Borough At All

With Manhattan and Brooklyn real estate at all all-time high, real estate investors and tenants are, as always, on the search for the Next Big Borough.

Though a lot of eyes tend to reflexively look northward toward the Bronx or eastward to Queens, perhaps the most savvy of real estate pros have set their sights westward.

Real estate investors: Welcome to Bayonne.

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