The Evolution of Real Estate Investment Management Software

Traditional Property Management and Accounting software is no longer the tool of choice for successful real estate investment management (REIM). Virtually every aspect of managing real estate investments—from fundraising to capital returns and every data-tracking need in between—is now more effectively handled by software platforms specifically created for the REIM world. With the REdirect team’s collective expertise squarely planted in both real estate technology and investment management, we are effective bridge-builders for those REIM firms looking to gain that competitive edge by bolstering in-house capabilities.

This year, more than ever, new products and companies are bursting onto the REIM technology scene. Navigating this space and selecting the right tools for your needs isn’t always a clear-cut path. This eBook is designed to provide an overview of what’s out there, what’s on the horizon, and how it can help you maintain your competitive edge in a constantly evolving industry.

In this eBook, you will find expert REIM insights including:

  • The evolution of Yardi investment management
  • The power of MRI
  • Introduction to RealPage's Asset & Investment Management Solutions
  • Selecting the right system for you

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