The Year In MRI 2016

This past year has represented nearly unbridled growth for MRI. The company has made significant strides, enhancing its overall offering with key service acquisitions like Integratec and CallMax, and partnering with major players like Nexus and AvidXchange; it expanded its global presence with a new European data center in Dublin; it released an impressive new version of its globally successful investment management suite; and it gained big-ticket clients, and continues to gain users and global recognition.

Keeping up with all this growth—and the opportunities that it presents—is challenging, which is why REdirect makes it our business to ensure that our clients are in-the-know with every new acquisition, merger, and upgrade that MRI undertakes. Our goal for our clients continues to be maximizing the return on their investment in MRI software, and remain competitive in their respective fields of real estate property and/or investment management.

As such, we’ve have compiled the following eBook as a snapshot summary of all the best MRI had to offer in 2016. Whether you’re new to the world of MRI, or are a longtime user, we’re sure that this eBook—and the deeper insights we’ve gleaned through compiling it—will be of value.

In this eBook, we will examine:

  • The Top Five Most Notable Features of MRI X
  • The complexity of the investment management software space
  • MRI’s enhancements, new capabilities, and future plans


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