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May 2020 Newsletter

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During uncertain times, many of us are wondering how we move forward. We’re seeing this time as a moment of reflection. It’s an opportunity to look at the challenges facing your business and plan for the necessary changes that will make it run like a well-oiled machine. 

In order to help you navigate whatever issues have come to light in the last two months, we’re hosting a webinar on how to get the support you need. 

Scroll down to learn more about our webinar, our co-founder’s views on the current state of real estate, and some current trends in UK development. 

We hope you are staying safe and healthy.

The REdirect Team


What Are the Next Steps for Real Estate Developers, Investors, and Managers?

Today we have a lot of questions and a less-than-clear path forward. Real estate, specifically, might be hit the hardest due to our connection with so many other industries. Regardless, we all have to discover ways to move ahead and come out of this with a new perspective.

Click here to read more on our first steps to return and ways to streamline for the future.

Webinar: How Application Support Influences Your Strategy and Success

Join us as we discuss how to use support strategically, how to integrate a third-party support provider with your internal team, and how to identify what’s a fixable or trainable issue versus what really demands a specialist’s attention.

REdirect is hosting this webinar on June 9 to discuss this and more. Click here to register and save your seat. See you there!


The UK Build to Rent Boom and What It Means for Real Estate Investing

Wondering what the next big boom in international real estate might look like? Look no further because Build to Rent (BTR)—residential development built ONLY for the purposes of private residential renting—is pushing the frontier of real estate software in the UK.

From longer lease period options to easier management, we’re breaking down the pros and cons and how to take advantage of this trend.

Click here to learn more.

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