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At REdirect, comprehensive electronic data conversion services have been a mainstay of our business from the outset. We have experience moving data in and out of a wide range of real estate systems. The combination of our technical and business understanding means that we are able to make sense of any data--even in cases where its source is a legacy or "home-grown" system for which technical documentation is no longer available.

This attention to detail allows us to tailor every conversion project to the specific needs of the larger implementation and organization. Furthermore, we can leverage the conversion process to provide significant data cleansing, ensuring that the data in its new home will have greater value and integrity well into the future.


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Service Features & Benefits

  • Make sense of any data (including legacy systems)
  • Tailor every conversion project to the specific needs of the client
  • Provide data cleansing

Over 600 Happy Clients Can't Be Wrong

The REdirect consultants were responsive and constructive, often presenting us with several options that reflected not only a breadth of experience, but also an eagerness to engage in new research when it was required.

Travis WobbekindDirector of Investor Relations

Robbins Electra

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