REdirect offers a web-based commercial real estate portfolio management system based on Microsoft SharePoint platform: Commercial Real Estate SharePoint (CRES). CRES provides a consolidated view of your CRE data and documents. By combining your business intelligence data, document management, and core business processes and workflows into one tool, you’ll increase your visibility and see a dramatic improvement in organizational productivity. CRES deploys either on Microsoft Office 365 Cloud, on premise, or via hosted server. CRES can integrate with any commonly used Property Management System or ERP.

Key Components

  • Transaction Management

    Full-cycle acquisition deal management and property dispositions including due diligence, acquisition-related property and tenant Information, issues management, disclosures, documents, and contacts.
  • Property Portfolio Management

    All portfolio-related data from any source can be consolidated with data in CRES including property & tenant data, issues management, disclosures, documents, and contacts.
  • Loans Management

    Loan data from source financial system can be integrated with data populated in CRES. This includes loan balances, critical dates, documents, and contacts.
  • Legal Entity Management

    Maintains all details regarding legal entity, ownership information, officers and board membership, jurisdictions, tax issues, and documents, allowing governance efficiency and company compliance.
  • Contact Management System

    Outlook-integrated contact management system ensures relevant external contacts can be linked to acquisitions, properties, tenants, and loans in CRES.
  • Complete Lifecycle Document Management

    Full lifecycle document management includes: Automatic population of real estate data into Word templates; automated workflows for internal and external review, approval, and signature routing; bulk drag-and-drop for easy migration; automated data tagging and categorization for contextual access; document retention policies for compliance.
  • Analytics Dashboard (Home Page)

    The executive dashboard consolidates data from multiple sources, such as multiple instances of MRI or Yardi, or manually entered data within CRES.
  • Power View Business Intelligence

    Built-in Power View Analysis page allows business users to perform ad-hoc interactive business intelligence (BI) analysis for property, tenant, and loan data. More complex BI capabilities available.

7 Reasons to Implement Commercial Real Estate SharePoint

Despite tremendous improvements in technology, most real estate firms still struggle with managing and reviewing the overwhelming amount of data they deal with in a quick and seamless way. Commercial Real Estate SharePoint (CRES) provides just that: a much-needed consolidated view of CRE data and documents.


Let's take it one step further. Click the link below for seven reasons why your commercial real estate company shouldn’t be working without CRES.

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Benefits & Features

  • Acquisition, disposition, asset management, legal entity, and loan information is available in an integrated format along with corresponding documents.
  • Save time and money by going paperless. Documents can easily be shared with external parties.
  • Documents can be reviewed in libraries as well as in a contextual format within various CRES components.
  • Property, tenant, and loan data in source ERP System (MRI, Yardi, etc.) can synchronize with CRES, ensuring single source of data.
  • Track lifecycle of acquisition and disposition transactions, whether for a portfolio or individual property, along with tenant details.
  • Seamless maintenance of due diligence information, and distribution of disclosures related to acquisitions, asset management, and disposition.
  • CRES business process workflows provide automated management of task assignments and alerts, dramatically increasing productivity while reducing risks.
  • Proven results in annual software cost savings and significant workforce resource optimization across the enterprise, resulting from more efficient business processes.
  • Mobile device access to Office 365 and CRES.
  • Custom report development based on SQL Report Builder (server-based CRES) or Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence).