• Ultimate Investment Management Platform

    The Ultimate Investment Management Platform

    The six must-have features defined by a panel of industry experts.

  • Future of CRE Tech

    The Future of CRE Tech

    Where is real estate technology headed with automation and machine learning?

  • Reasons to implement CRE SharePoint

    7 Reasons to Implement Commercial Real Estate SharePoint

    Our proprietary web-based CRE portfolio management system provides a desperately-needed consolidated view of CRE data and documents. See why it’s a must.

Real Estate Technology Solutions

REdirect Consulting is a leading provider of real estate technology consulting and support services with a nationwide presence and key offices in New York and San Francisco.

At REdirect, our principals become personally involved with every project, offering an exceptional combination of industry expertise, market intelligence, and digital know-how that can help you reach your technology goals.

Our deep expertise in the leading real estate software, including Yardi and MRI, allows REdirect to craft creative, experience-based solutions for your company’s specific business and budgetary challenges. From the institutional investment firm to the local independent owner, REdirect is dedicated to fostering valued partnerships across the real estate industry.

Connecting Excel to Your MRI and Yardi Data

Pull live data into Excel while maintaining the ability to drill down to source transactions.

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Software Expertise

REdirect is an industry resource whose expertise and imagination accrue directly to each client as the principals are hands-on with every project. With more than 400 combined years of real estate management and technology—over 22 years average per consultant, REdirect's employees together represent a range of industry knowledge and experience that is unmatched.

The MRI Software platform provides a proven engine for handling complex property management accounting and operational functions for the most sophisticated commercial and multifamily portfolios. MRI provides the tools for users to fully tailor functionality to business purpose and they are committed to the ongoing development of an environment in which their system is the core of a "best of breed" eco-system of solutions.

REdirect is a member of MRI Software's Partner Connect program.


The Yardi Voyager® platform is a fully integrated suite of real estate solutions. A proven multifamily and commercial property management accounting system, it serves as the centerpiece of a dynamic set of modules that bring the processing and analytical needs of all facets of the industry—from investment management to senior housinginto one family of products. Yardi provides a full set of tools for every real estate market.

REdirect is a member of Yardi's Independent Consultants Network.

Spreadsheet Server

Simplify and automate your report package creation and distribution process. Use live MRI and Yardi data for flexible financial reporting within Excel!

  • Generate and distribute monthly/quarterly reporting packages
  • Quick and powerful analysis  
  • Easy user adoption

REdirect is a Global Software Certified Partner.


The RealPage platform is a broad suite of real estate solutions covering every market vertical. With a strong established track- record in the multifamily space, RealPage offers one of the strongest residential budgeting tools on the market. RealPage is expanding to include solutions for mid-market Commercial Managers and a suite of robust tools for Asset & Investment Managers.

REdirect is a member of the RealPage Certified Consultants Network.


REdirect offers unparalleled experience in both real estate management and real estate systems. We are uniquely equipped to guide you through the software selection and implementation process, from discovery and planning through pilot and conversion to "go-live" and beyond.
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In business since 1999 (18 years). Serving more than 125 clients per year
Average years of real estate business and/or IT experience per consultant: 22
Help Desk--serving more than 2000 seats with greater than 95% satisfaction



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