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It's been our privilege to work with some of the most well known companies in the real estate industry. We appreciate the opportunity to provide services and solutions that help them achieve their business goals. We work with the largest software providers for full-life cycle implementations and many of the leading complementary solution providers.

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Spreadsheet Server: Fast, Flexible Financial Reporting in Excel®

Jack Howat from REdirect and insightsoftware’s Tony Cregg delve into a top-line overview of Spreadsheet Server, including the software's benefits and capabilities. Spreadsheet Server is the solution that can provide Excel-based access to real-time data that refreshes at the click of a button, providing drill-down to journal-level detail. In this webinar, you’ll discover how you can save time and optimise your reporting with Spreadsheet Server.

Year-end Financial & Operational Reporting Best Practices with Spreadsheet Server®

REdirect has been helping real estate companies leverage their data with Spreadsheet Server for the last decade. In this informational webinar, we cover how you can save time and increase accuracy on your year-end reporting processes by taking advantage of all the capabilities Spreadsheet Server has to offer.

Cutting Time and Costs From Your Turnover Processes®

REdirect and facilities maintenance software provider, SuiteSpot, team up to share how their clients are modernizing their unit turnover processes, in order to give them more visibility and control across their properties and communities.


MRI Australia and REdirect discuss the top overlooked best practices in MRI’s Platform X. Rob Crichlow and Ethan Neo cover recoveries (outgoings estimates and actuals) setup and utilisation, purchased and underutilised products, importing data, use of customisations, and RPA.

Robotic Process Automation and Real Estate®

Join us as we walk through Robotic Process Automation, with a focus on what your peers are using RPA for. We will focus specifically on Bank Reconciliations, Automating Ownership Report Distribution, and other common use cases.

Automating Bank Recs, Report Distribution, Testing, and More®
We're walking through Robotic Process Automation, with a focus on what your peers are using RPA for. We will focus specifically on Bank Reconciliations, Automating Ownership Report Distribution, and Testing when software updates are released.
Top ways to streamline your business with minimal effort®

In this panel discussion, the REdirect team is joined by Grace Cheng, CFO of Community Development Trust (CDT) and Kasey Uhl, VP of Accounting at YES! Communities. The panel covers an overview of business process reviews, how real estate companies are making the most of their technology, and areas that firms should look more closely at and consider streamlining or automating.

Financial and Operational Reporting with Spreadsheet Server (Excel)®

94% of our webinar attendees are using Excel to run reports and dig into data. See what a powerhouse Excel add-in Spreadsheet Server can be. In this webinar, insightsoftware's Mike Wiley walks us through the basics of the Spreadsheet Server ribbon, as well as how to build an AR Aging report and a Rent Roll using Yardi and MRI data as the source. We answer audience questions and address common use cases. 

RPA Case Studies for Real Estate (UK)®

Case Studies in Robotic Process Automation, with Faraz Memon and Jason Schedler. This webinar took place May 2021. This webinar covers several case studies including within Yardi and MRI, as well as an example of an attended bot learning to process invoices.

Empowering Real Estate Software Users®

During this panel discussion, senior members of the REdirect Assist support team talk through frequent process issues, time-sensitive training opportunities, and tips for Yardi and MRI Software users.

Creating a Custom Accounts Receivable Aging Report®

In this webinar, we walk you step-by-step through the process of building your our custom AR Aging Report in excel. We'll show you how to connect to and pull in real-time MRI or Yardi data using Spreadsheet Server, so your aging reports are accurate and actionable. 

Case Studies in Robotic Process Automation®

Case Studies in Robotic Process Automation, with Faraz Memon and Jason Schedler. This webinar is the second of its kind, and took place February 2021. This webinar covers several case studies including within Yardi and MRI, as well as an example of an attended bot learning to process invoices.

Institutional Investor Reporting Webinar with GAA®

This webinar covers Institutional Investor Reporting.

How to build a Rent Roll in Spreadsheet Server®

insightsoftware is a leading provider of financial reporting and enterprise performance management software. With connection to 140+ ERPs including MRI, Yardi, JD Edwards, SAP, and more, we enable the office of the CFO with tools to increase productivity, visibility and accuracy of their data.

EisnerAmper and REdirect Data and Analytics®

This webinar covers KPI's and Analytics Driving Real Estate Company Performance.

RPA for BTR®

What is robotic process automation? Bots can securely log into applications, pull data from the web and applications, connect to system API's, perform in a workflow, read and interpret data, copy and paste data, read and write to databases, open and send emails and attachments, and manipulate files and folders.

Data Visualization Webinar®

Understand the importance of how to leverage data to inform your decision-making process. This webinar will teach you the core concepts of data visualization, as well as illustrate best practices for utilizing it in decision-making.

Connecting Excel to your MRI and Yardi data®
Our most popular webinar is all about Excel automation solutions. We demonstrate how to pull live data into Excel while maintaining the ability to drill down to source transactions. With data accuracy ensured, users can create custom reports using the Excel system they know but without the headache of downloading and reformatting data from a wholly separate system.
Budgeting Webinar Series: Realogic®


As part of our efforts to continually bring our clients the best-of-breed in real estate software solutions, we are pleased to share with you an opportunity to learn about Realogic, a cloud-based budgeting and reforecasting system that integrates with all major accounting systems. Find out how the in-app functionality of Realogic addresses and ameliorates some of the most typical—and frustrating—pain points of budgeting process.
Business Intelligence and Lease Management with AMP®


REdirect prides itself on bringing the best of breed solutions to our clients. This month in our webinar series we feature AMP Technologies Business Intelligence and Lease Management systems. AMP's robust platforms integrate with many real estate systems including MRI and Yardi, offer visibility into your financials, leasing, and other performance data in a seamless, easy to use, visually stunning program.
Rent Payment Solutions®


Electronic payment solutions allow tenants or homeowners to pay rent or HOA dues online and reduce administrative costs. Leading electronic rent payment solutions can improve the average rent payment by two days and decrease tenant arrears by over 50%.

Real Estate Document Management and Workflow®


This webinar introduces you to FileStar, a comprehensive, integrated, easy-to-use document imaging, workflow, and retrieval software solution, designed specifically for real estate, by real estate professionals who understand the unique needs of our industry.

Business Intelligence for Real Estate®


Most systems just spit out numbers without telling you the story that you and your investors need to know. But a sophisticated business intelligence software solution can harness data from multiple areas to enable investors and property managers to see the performance of their assets dynamically, and with spot-on accurate information.

Maximize the Value of Your Property Management System®


For clients new, old, or prospective, this webinar provides a detailed overview of how REdirect can help increase your workflow efficiencies and improve your bottom line. It focuses on how our Business Process Review/Gap Analysis can provide your organization with a clear picture of technology-enabled process improvement opportunities, including automating offline processes and eliminating redundant data entry.