Connecting Excel to Your MRI and Yardi Data

Pull live data into Excel while maintaining the ability to drill down to source transactions.

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The Evolution of Real Estate Investment Management Software

Traditional Property Management and Accounting software is no longer the tool of choice for successful real estate investment management (REIM). Virtually every aspect of managing real estate investments—from fundraising to capital returns and every data-tracking need in between—is now more effectively handled by software platforms specifically created for the REIM world. With the REdirect team’s collective expertise squarely planted in both real estate technology and investment management, we are effective bridge-builders for those REIM firms looking to gain that competitive edge by bolstering in-house capabilities.

The Year in Yardi 2016

This past year Forbes magazine named Yardi one of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world. Yardi has consistently proven to be an innovator across the real estate playing field, and its evolution showed no signs of slowdown in 2016. If 2015 was characterized primarily by the launch of the new Client Central and the explosive growth of Yardi 7S (released at the end of 2013), 2016 could arguably have been Yardi’s breakthrough year in the real estate investment space.

The Year In MRI 2016

This past year has represented nearly unbridled growth for MRI. The company has made significant strides, enhancing its overall offering with key service acquisitions like Integratec and CallMax, and partnering with major players like Nexus and AvidXchange; it expanded its global presence with a new European data center in Dublin; it released an impressive new version of its globally successful investment management suite; and it gained big-ticket clients, and continues to gain users and global recognition.

Avoid These 5 Costly Real Estate Management Pitfalls

Real estate management software has undergone an unprecedented evolution over the past two to three years. Seamless integration with a whole host of automation features can make the day-to-day operations of property management easier, smoother, and more reliable.