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We’ve had the pleasure of forming successful business relationships with a wide variety of clients. The feedback we receive is crucial in creating a paradigm for success. The testimonials below represent just a few of our many success stories.

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Our confidence in the consultants’ expert knowledge and understanding of MRI software and their flexible hands-on approach to customer service is what led us to choose REdirect. We have found REdirect to be a reliable, supportive, and solutions-orientated business partner, especially with the implementation of automating our end-to-end sales import function and the production of our customised MAT sales report. With REdirect's support, we have further configured MRI's out-of-the-box software and developed specific reporting requirements and outputs to better suit our business needs. I would highly recommend REdirect as a business for its professionalism, expertise in product knowledge, and fantastic customer service.
Jon Howlett - Head of Finance

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I can depend on them for out of the box thinking using a variety of toolsets, as opposed to just one specific product.
Their extensive background understanding of MRI and knowledge of the real estate industry allows them to really understand the user’s needs and requests.
We are able to easily populate month end support workpapers by just changing dates and build and customize reports such as variance analysis and trend reports,  without needing a programmer or query skills.
REdirect’s resources are real assets to us here at AIP; they are both technically strong and very responsive to our needs.
The REdirect team was responsive to our needs throughout the entire implementation process.
It's fantastic to have REdirect come in, understand our business, understand our people and how they operate, and then help us choose the right implementation.
Whether utilising local Australian or US based consultants, REdirect has consistently delivered strong results through sound technical knowledge, strong project management and collaborative business partnering.
I was particularly impressed with the depth and breadth of expertise in their business. They were always available to answer my questions and provide guidance.
REdirect was fantastic in really understanding what our needs were, how quickly we needed to get it done, and he mobilized his team to meet our goal.
I would highly recommend REdirect as a business for its professionalism, expertise in product knowledge, and fantastic customer service.

Working with REdirect is great. They take time to understand the scope of work and the wants and needs of our business while explaining the process clearly. 

No matter what the problems were, they always came back with viable solutions.
The bank reconciliation automation improved our ability to produce quality financial statements to all of our properties by the 15th of the month. Before it took an entire month to reconcile 175 bank accounts, now it takes an afternoon.
After evaluating several options, we decided on Spreadsheet Server due to its ease of implementation, which is accomplished in one day.
They stick to the plan, deliver on-time and budget, and that's important.
Their significant technical expertise is supplemented by extensive industry experience in real estate and accounting.
They understood the urgency of the project, and got it done on-time and under budget!
Possibly the best net result of working with REdirect was that they taught me so much about how the system thinks.
The REdirect consultants were responsive and constructive, often presenting us with several options that reflected not only a breadth of experience, but also an eagerness to engage in new research when it was required.
REdirect has introduced us to [a] product which allows us to pull data directly from a PDF that the operating partner has provided.
The flexibility and attention we received from REdirect in their service delivery, I don't think we could have received from any other consultants out there.
Everyone we worked with was professional, knowledgeable and did everything they could to ensure the end result was what we wanted and that we met our timetable.
The consultants were really able to sit down with me and explain everything that was going on, and were so patient.