Project Type: System Selection

Rowley Properties had previously worked with REdirect on some customization projects and was very happy with the results.


We have truly appreciated how well REdirect came to understand our business and what we were looking for. Eric Schulz did an excellent job of learning our priorities and even asking questions of presenters on behalf of our team. He got it right every time. Even down to the most nuanced needs, he genuinely understood our way of thinking and we always felt we were in good hands. We will be saving money on our future IT costs per employee, and we will have more efficient software for our team that is much easier to learn and use.


My favorite milestone was the delivery of the decision matrix to us. It was thorough and quite fulfilling to see all the work we had done on the project come together in a cohesive presentation that was easy to read and interpret.


REdirect does a fantastic job of getting to know your business needs and maintaining a level of professional quality. They do not waste time and keep on target with their project management and deliverables.

Amy Aldworth - Systems Analyst
I would highly recommend REdirect as a business for its professionalism, expertise in product knowledge, and fantastic customer service.

Jon Howlett - Head of Finance