Reporting Package & Delivery

Simplify Your Reporting Processes

Run and collate reports based on predefined rule sets, distribute based on recipient directory.

Many of our clients have a need to run reports for various stakeholders (owners, investors, tenants, residents). In many cases the needs of each stakeholder are different, and the delivery requirements often vary. It’s also common for the reports to come from different systems. Using Robotic Process Automation, REdirect can automate this time-consuming and tedious task. Our automation can:
  • Run reports from multiple systems
  • Receive reports through a file share or email
  • Request reports from stragglers
  • Split reports for individuals
  • Collate reports into packets
  • Create and add a table of contents for large report packets
  • Deliver reports on a schedule
  • Save and publish reports to the file-sharing application
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RPA For Btr®

Connecting Excel to Your MRI and Yardi Data

Pull live data into Excel & drill down to source transactions.

I would highly recommend REdirect as a business for its professionalism, expertise in product knowledge, and fantastic customer service.

Jon Howlett - Head of Finance