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Save Time, Money, and Effort by Streamlining Your Bank Reconciliation Processes

Bank reconciliations are time-consuming and labor-intensive, but they don’t have to be when they are powered by Robotic Process Automation!

Why Should I Automate Bank Reconciliations?

Our clients often tell us that, when performed manually, bank reconciliations are among their most laborious and time-consuming tasks. Completing a reconciliation involves pulling data from their accounting software and statements for multiple bank accounts, transferring the data into Excel, and then normalizing, sorting, and filtering the data. After that, clients need to gather ending balances, manually open a reconciliation for each account, and reconcile each transaction. In large organizations, this process may need to be repeated hundreds of times. 

This adds up to an enormous amount of staff time. In fact, clients tell us that they spend up to 200 hours—occasionally even more—on reconciliations each month. Reconciliation delivery times can sometimes be measured in weeks, delaying other business activities and obscuring the organization’s true cash position.

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Super-Charge Your Business With the Help of Automation Tools

Reconcile Your Transactions Efficiently
Reconcile Your Transactions Efficiently
Our reconciliation robot, Rosie, can handle both simple and complex matches, reconciling your transactions in a fraction of the time it would usually take.
Handle Multiple Bank Accounts
Handle Multiple Bank Accounts
Rosie can handle all your bank accounts at once, saving you a significant administrative burden.
Reduce Manual Labor and Time
Reduce Manual Labor and Time
Our bot’s typical completion rate is 80-99%, freeing up your people to handle other tasks.
Streamline Your Bank Reconciliation Workflow
Streamline Your Bank Reconciliation Workflow
Our clients save an average of 450 hours per month with our reconciliation automation tools.
Minimize Accounting Mistakes
Minimize Accounting Mistakes
Eliminate human error and achieve greater accuracy in your reconciliations and accounting.

Why Choose REdirect to Automate Your Bank Reconciliations?

Rosie, our bank reconciliation robot, is the result of our decades of collective experience in real estate business management, automation tools, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). She is unlike anything that has ever been developed before for the real estate industry. By giving the mundane work to the bot, our system saves you time and allows you to reengage your most valuable resource: your people. 

Here at REdirect, we are proud to be on the cutting edge of real estate technology and to offer unmatched knowledge, expertise, and professionalism in this space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Rosie the bot gather data from?

Rosie can gather data in several different ways: She can log in to your bank using secure, read-only access; your bank can send her transaction data directly; or you can send her the relevant files via email. 

How does pricing for bank reconciliation automation work?

For the initial setup of your bank reconciliation automation, we charge hourly. Once your automation is built, our pricing structure switches to a monthly maintenance charge for the time that we spend monitoring the bot or otherwise assisting you. 

How frequently does the bot run?

In most instances, Rosie runs monthly, as this is the frequency with which most organizations reconcile their transactions. However, we can also configure the bot to run weekly or even daily. It all depends upon your needs.

How does the bot handle complex transactions?

The REdirect team will work with you to create a custom set of rules based on your business needs and processes. The bot will then follow these rules when reconciling complex transactions. The REdirect team will help you identify new rules after the bot goes live, meaning that Rosie will be able to complete more and more automated reconciliations for you as time goes by.

Connecting Excel to Your MRI and Yardi Data

Pull live data into Excel & drill down to source transactions.

Working with REdirect is great. They take time to understand the scope of work and the wants and needs of our business while explaining the process clearly. 

Laura Bagnall - Head of Financial Operations