Enhancing the value of real estate assets

Deepki paves the way for energy management and sustainability through bespoke ESG strategies.

Offering a fully populated ESG data-intelligence SaaS platform with expert advisory services.

Actively operating across 52+ countries, Deepki is a trusted leader within the real estate space with a purpose to impact the planet through virtuous real estate. To drive net zero and reach sustainability aims in the industry, they offer end-to-end SaaS data intelligence solutions while addressing ESG challenges. Deepki Ready is the ideal platform for collecting and processing your data into actionable ESG insights for achieving net zero and overall environmental impact. The platform automates data collection and offers visibility into a property's energy usage, carbon footprint, and operational efficiency. Companies are able to analyze performance, compare it to peers and identify stranded assets.
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Connecting Excel to Your MRI and Yardi Data

Pull live data into Excel & drill down to source transactions.