MIG Real Estate

We are a growing real estate investment company with properties in several Western states and in Canada. As MRI users, we needed a report writer platform that worked well with MRI. We needed a solution that would allow us to automate and customize reports that were being prepared manually and were very labor intensive. After evaluating several options, we decided on Spreadsheet Server due to its ease of implementation, which is accomplished in one day. Training is minimal due to the excel functionality and logic, and can be programmed by our own staff and does not require programming or technical knowledge. From a cost standpoint, the Spreadsheet Server investment has a short payback period of a few months. Other alternatives required a separate server, long implementation/training and programming knowledge. We felt Spreadsheet Server would allow us to be up and running quickly and immediately helping reduce accounting labor hours spent preparing recurring reports. We will be implementing Spreadsheet Server next month and our staff is looking forward to being able to spend less time on preparing reports and more time reviewing and other more important aspects of their job responsibilities.
Nancy Trujillo – Director of Finance
MIG Real Estate
I would highly recommend REdirect as a business for its professionalism, expertise in product knowledge, and fantastic customer service.

Jon Howlett - Head of Finance