Connecting Excel to Your MRI and Yardi Data

Pull live data into Excel while maintaining the ability to drill down to source transactions.

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Monday Properties
When I think about REdirect, what I appreciate most is their business sense. They understand the business purpose of what we're trying to do. Then using their intricate knowledge of the software, are able to make the connection between business and technology. The process is so much easier when we can relay the business requirements to someone who can relate to what we are saying, and then incorporate best practices into their recommendations. With the extensive experience that REdirect's consultants bring, they can quickly recommend creative solutions for our complex needs. We have used REdirect's expertise on both the MRI and Yardi platforms extensively, and they have also helped us convert data from various other systems. Their knowledge of these platforms is incredible! I have worked with REdirect for years, both at Monday Properties and at a prior company. They stick to the plan, deliver on-time and budget, and that's important. They are a great organization to partner with, and I enjoy collaborating with them on new initiatives.
Terry Piscitelli  –  Executive Vice President
Monday Properties