Avoid These 5 Costly Real Estate Management Pitfalls

Real estate management software has undergone an unprecedented evolution over the past two to three years. Seamless integration with a whole host of automation features can make the day-to-day operations of property management easier, smoother, and more reliable.

If your team is still spending countless manhours stitching together data from various spreadsheets and databases, or if it takes your team a full day (or more!) to run a report requested by the CFO, then you are living in the past. It’s not just a matter of being outdated; you are also running an unnecessarily high risk of mistakes with all that cumbersome data re-entry. By delaying the purchase of a modern software solution, you aren’t saving money: you are burning it.

REdirect Consulting is a leading provider of real estate technology solutions with a nationwide presence and key offices in New York and San Francisco. At REdirect we take an advocate's approach to consulting, partnering with our clients to craft and implement solutions that carefully match their business and budget requirements. As real estate consultants we will help you reach your technology goals with a full understanding of your business challenges. REdirect is unlike other consulting firms. Fully scalable, we are prepared to take on large challenges and yet are able to offer our assistance to smaller companies for whom our level of expertise might otherwise be unattainable. REdirect is an industry resource whose expertise and imagination accrue directly to each client as the principals become personally involved with every project.

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