September 9, 2013 8:00AM

Automating Your Business Processes

When to automate business processes and how much money to invest in new technologies is a constantly debated topic in the real estate industry. From NMHC's OpTech Conference to Realcomm, industry events often center around this topic.

REdirect can work with you to determine whether automating certain tasks will make sense in your organization, and if so, assist throughout the system selection process. Our assistance can include creating system requirements documents, interviewing key users to determine most urgent needs, and providing in depth recommendations. Our experience covers the full range of automation systems. Just a few examples include budgeting and forecasting systems, accounts payable automation, investor communication tools, and rent payment systems for your tenants.

There are many ways to automate business processes. Contact us for a demo or more information!  These tools are perfect to implement at year end for a smoother 2014! Here are just a few to consider for your business:

Automating your Yardi or MRI data in Excel

Take the work out of working with your data in Excel. This automation program shows your live data in Excel from your database with the ability to drill down to source data! This ensures data accuracy, allows users to create custom reports, and make calculations in a system they are familiar with while removing the headache of downloading and reformatting data from your database. Best of all, be up and running in just days (not weeks or months)!

Asset Management on the Cloud

Leveraging the power of your data to drive business intelligence provides the competitive edge that  help Real Estate companies succeed. This platform seamlessly connects to your existing accounting systems and lets managers collaborate to improve performance. From financial and operational information to leasing and stacking plans have data at your fingertips from any device in any location.

Investor Communications

Gain a competitive advantage, raise money faster, and keep your investors happy by streamlining your investor relations. With an 8 month investment payback, automated investor communication tools will help produce documents such as Quarterly Investor Books in record time. Features include approval workflows, automatic assembly from various sources of documentation, and secure data management.

Leasing Automation

Leasing systems will allow you to streamline your leasing process and dramatically increase property manager's efficiency. With tightly integrated automated leasing systems you can get application approval within minutes, easily configure workflow and approval settings, and easily analyze all leasing activity.

Rent Payment Solutions

Rent payment solutions allow your tenants to easily pay their rent online with a debit card, credit card, or ACH. With many solutions passing the credit card fees on to the tenants it can be a free way to ensure on time payments. Other features include monthly reminders and the ability to set up recurring payments. With many vendors to choose from this is one of the most difficult of systems to compare and contrast. At REdirect you can leverage our experience and let us guide you through selecting the best solution for your needs.

AP Automation

Automate your invoice and bill payment processing. Automated AP systems manage the entire accounts payable process from purchase to payment. With sophisticated reporting and workflow approvals these systems have a very immediate impact on productivity and cost savings. While moving to a paperless system there are no more lost invoices, late fees and there is more visibility for management.
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