Photo of Meet Yardi’s NEW Client Central
August 13, 2015 10:26AM

Meet Yardi’s NEW Client Central

This past month, Yardi rolled out its brand-new Client Central. Its smarter, savvier, more secure, and with a more streamlined (that’s our fancy word for beautiful) interface. Here are a few key things you need to know about the new Yardi Client Central.

1) Search and Inform
One of the most impressive features of the new Yardi Client Central is its robust and well-organized search function. Previously, if you were looking for information buried in a back chapter of the VoyagerPlus manual, you likely had to spend an aggravating amount of time digging through irrelevant documentation pertaining to other versions of Yardi before you found what you were looking for.

With Client Central’s new categorized search, you can home in on precisely the documentation that is relevant for your system. Even more impressively, if you’ve been wracking your brain trying to remember how to access that cool feature you heard about at least season’s Yardi conference, guess what? There’s a category for that, too. Just click on the conference in question and unleash your search.


2) One Site/One Login
As a perfect illustration of the new streamlined structure, no longer do you need to have two separate logins for Client Central and the My Yardi client portal. With just one login and password, you have easy access, not just to all the guides and documentation and videos of Client Central, but also to the client-favorite, interactive resources of the My Yardi knowledge base.


3) Know Your Plug-ins
Let’s face it: most Yardi users in any given company haven’t a clue what plug-in they’re running, and finding out was just one more time-consuming step in the troubleshooting process. Previously, in order to find out which plug-ins you were on, you had to log into Yardi, search through your About screen, and then switch back into Client Central to carry out your query. Oh, and you also have to be an Administrator, too. Talk about a time waste.

Now, Yardi Client Central knows what core you’re running—be it Yardi 6, 7s, or VoyagerPlus—as well as your modules and plug-ins, providing you with the snapshot knowledge you need to expedite your troubleshooting and get your system running smoothly again.


4) Easy Accessibility
Even with all the resources contained in Client Central, sometimes clients still need an outside, trusted advisor to help them successfully troubleshoot any given problem. In order for external consultants to have the information they need to help, clients had no choice but to add the consultant as another user on their login, which for some clients, presented somewhat of a security concern.

Now, however, the new Client Central allows clients to grant consultants access without having to add them as a new user. In this way, consultants—such as yours truly—can use our own login to pinpoint your problem and help solve it easier and quicker than ever before, without the security concern of additional users.


5) Useful User Groups
Another improvement that enhances security is the useful new user group function, which makes it much easier to specify which types of users have access to which information. So whether it’s your new trainees or your IT department, the user group function ensures that every user can peruse your Client Central on a need-to-know basis only. Setting these user groups up is incredibly easy, and Yardi even includes some useful default groups for you to start with as well.


6) New CC, New URL, New Login, No Choice
The new Client Central is located at a new URL. Yardi emailed your company’s Yardi Administrator in July, and it is their job to create a new login at the new URL, and from there, create new users for the rest of your team.

If you haven’t received your new URL and login yet, be sure to contact your Administrator with a gentle reminder, because the old Client Central will only remain live until the end of 2015. And as always, if you or your Administrator have any questions about the new Yardi Client Central, never hesitate to contact your trusted advisors at REdirect to help get you acclimated to these new tools.