Photo of Most Popular Yardi Blogs of 2017
January 3, 2018 10:01AM

Most Popular Yardi Blogs of 2017

From Your Favorite Yardi Implementation Consultants...

As expert Yardi consultants, we thought our Yardi clients and, effectively, all Yardi users would gain a little something extra from a summary blog recapping what we learned in 2017. For a quick look at our insights and what’s new in terms of Yardi upgrades, Yardi implementation news, and the industry as a whole, this blog is for you.

#1: 6 Elements for the Ultimate Investment Management Platform

A drum roll please… Our most read blog that relates to Yardi real estate software in 2017 is: 6 Elements for the Ultimate Investment Management Platform.

This past summer we attended the Real Estate Investment Management Workshop Breakfast at the San Diego Realcomm conference and were tasked with designing our dream investment management platform. Alongside the country’s leading investment management and consulting firms, we developed our ultimate wish list—our top six requirements—for the perfect investment management platform. Improvements focused on fund and portfolio performance, property and fund accounting, fundraising and capital management, buy/sell/hold Analytics, and investor experience via investor portals and customized reports.

#2: Top 8 Takeaways of YASC 2017

Our second most popular Yardi blog of 2017 is: Top 8 Takeaways of YASC 2017.

After returning from the East Coast YASC (Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference), we were bursting with company news and Yardi implementation insights. In this blog, we wrote about the top eight things we learned are the conference, including Yardi’s SharePoint for Office 365, InvestorPlus, Yardi eLearning, Yardi’s New York Module, and Yardi’s Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting (Yardi FLO.)

#3: A Yardi Implementation Success Story

And last, but not least, our third more popular Yardi blog of 2017 is: A Yardi Implementation Success Story.

Over the last year, we’ve had the privilege of working with many clients as their Yardi implementation consultant. One such client was Robbins Electra, a Florida-based company that invests and manages in multifamily properties across the region.

Robbins Electra elected to make the leap from general ledger to Yardi Investment Management and Investor Portal—and REdirect as their Yardi implementation consultant. This is their success story.

Thanks for Reading

We hope that you found this recap blog beneficial as we took a look back at 2017. We also wanted to extend our warmest gratitude to you for reading our blog posts this year and in years prior—and making these three Yardi blogs extra successful.

We’re very excited to see what’s to come in 2018 for Yardi and to keep you in-the-know with all of our tips, insights, and developments as they unfold.

Here’s to a wonderfully productive 2018!