September 21, 2015 11:04AM

RCC and Yardi: The PB&J for DC Property Managers

Property managers in Washington, DC, have long relied on Rent Control Consultants (RCC) as a godsend. With ever-changing rent control rules governing the do’s and don’ts of the District’s rental market, the good folks over at RCC make sure that Washington property managers keep their rent rolls in compliance, accurately recorded, and maximized to the fullest extent of the law.

In a software marriage made in heaven, there is now a Yardi+RCC interface that both pushes and pulls data between systems in a user-friendly interface.

That’s right, DC property managers: say goodbye to manually keying in your renewals to Yardi every month. This sweet little interface can not only save you huge chunks of time, but it will also drastically cut down on the likelihood of error due to manual entry mistakes.

When RCC is connected directly with Yardi, both systems—concurrently and automatically—know when there’s a new tenant in the building, and both can calculate new rent rates as well as renewals. Both systems will also automatically close out old lease charges, too.

And it’s not just DC property managers who can take advantage of this harmonious interplay between RCC and Yardi. Now that RCC has recently extended their services to the rental markets of San Francisco, East Palo Alto, and Takoma Park (in California and Maryland, respectively), property managers on both coasts can save time and money with this symbiotic interface.

As real estate technology consultants, we want to help clients take full advantage of this RCC/Yardi combo to streamline their processes. In an effort to follow up on an exceptionally productive DC roundtable at the recent YASC (Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference), REdirect will soon host another event with the DC users group, to delve even deeper in ways that we can help Washingtonians make the most of their software solutions.

We want to hear from you: are you using the RCC/Yardi interface? If so, how has it helped you? How can this sweet symbiosis work even better for your property management company? To learn more about the upcoming DC users group event, contact Liz Sheedy at

Move over, peanut-butter-and-jelly. Get out of town, Fred-and-Ginger. To DC property managers, the new metaphor for “things that go together” might just be RCC-and-Yardi.