April 2, 2018 9:29AM

REdirect Celebrates Innovation & Expansion at Sixth Annual Team Summit

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A Celebration of Growth

Last month REdirect built on its celebrated annual tradition in New York City. What started as a holiday party more than a decade ago with just 12 full-time employees has now grown into a multi-day team summit in Manhattan with a 30-person company. Held over three days, the REdirect team gathered from three different countries and all four corners of the US, hailing from 14 different states, to strengthen our skills and empower each other as industry-leading real estate technology consultants.

Expanding Our Footprint: Investment Management

For eight new team members, the trip to Manhattan served as their first-ever team summit. Four of which were hired to broaden and fortify our investment management services and expertise. This year, we welcomed to Joseph Ferguson, Amit Patel, Paul Barchitta, and Nilesh Namdev to the investment management consulting team.

We also gave a warm welcome to our four other new real estate tech consultants: Saif Shaikh, Tim DePrima, Autumn Look, and Zahid Akhtar.

Innovate. Elevate. Inspire.

This year’s summit theme was “Innovate. Elevate. Inspire.” Packed with interesting panels and team-building activities, the REdirect consultants spent the three days brainstorming and sharing new ideas and innovations on how we approach our roles on both a macro and micro level; we took a deep dive educating ourselves on the latest best practices so we always work smarter, and to take our brand and services to the next level; and of course, to come together as team to spend time together, learn from one another, and have fun.

Many Strengths. One Mission.

With every year that passes, we have continued to grow our business reach and our team. We have more clients, expert consultants, and offerings than ever before. And 2018 is no different, anticipating another year of expansion.

As such, one of our goals this year at the Sixth Annual REdirect Team Summit is to explore opportunities for growth as a team—to appreciate each other and to further develop trust in our colleagues. We are proudly a diverse group with different backgrounds, personalities, work and life experience with an array of core strengths and methodologies. We live in several different time zones across three different countries, and so we need to be able to tap into these strengths by communicating and collaborating effectively in terms of both style and substance.

We were able to get a good bit of practicing in with some challenging and quirky team building exercises at this year’s summit!

Our Goals are 20/20

Each year, we break new ground, and in 2017, we unveiled our three-year plan to keep this momentum going: Our Vision 2020.

Vision 2020 focuses on who we are and where we want to be: A real estate technology consulting company that makes a positive impact on how our clients do business, how we approach and creatively solve industry issues, and how we better our communities through corporate responsibility and taking action. We want to be the company we are today, but two-fold in both size and values, exuding fairness, accomplishment, trust, adaptability, creativity, and teamwork.

Awards & Inspiration

While learning is a crucial part of our summit, we also feel it’s very important to recognize the achievements of individuals on the team as a way to inspire and motivate our team.

We also took a moment to recognize three team members reaching their five-year anniversary with REdirect – Larry, Elana, and Stacie-Ann Hamilton. (And fun fact, eight of the original 12 team members are still on board!)

Congrats to our award winners and to our entire team for such a successful year. We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2018 has in store for us and our awesome clients!