Affordable Housing

A full suite of services to meet your property management needs

REdirect offers Affordable Housing solutions for project and tenant management and compliance.

Efficient onboarding of newly acquired properties

The REdirect Affordable Housing team provides a smooth, seamless, and professional property onboarding process.

REdirect offers comprehensive property onboarding for Affordable Housing (AH) properties and projects, including 50059, Tax Credit, HOME, Rural Development, and local programs. We start with a baseline or ETL imports to add AH property, project, and tenant household and certification data to your property management software database. We also onboard market tenants, AH waitlists, security deposits, open accounts payables, open accounts payable, trial balances, and property budgets. Our team of AH experts validates onboarded data to ensure accuracy and congruence with information from legacy system or previous management.

Affordable Housing Detail Image
Affordable Housing Detail Image

Identify and effectively resolve data issues

Ensure your Affordable Housing data is correct, consistent, and reliable.

REdirect provides services to detect and correct inaccuracies, variances, and discrepancies with your Affordable Housing project and tenant data. Our team conducts HAP Ledger Cleanup projects, reviewing tenant HAP and non-HAP ledgers to identify and correct transactions errors. We also assist with correcting issues with HUD 50059 certification and voucher submission issues identified by your contract administrator and certification and issues with project and tenant certification data for Affordable Housing project types.

Manage and track special agreements

Effectively handle unreported family income, errors resulting in overpaid housing assistance, and special claims for vacancy, unpaid tenant rent, and tenant damages.

REdirect provides services to set up new HUD 50059 tenant and owner/agent repayment agreements and assistance with submissions, approvals, and posting procedures for special claims. We also help you setup and track special claims income in your property management software system for unpaid rent after move-out, resident damages after move-out, unit vacancy during rent-up, regular unit vacancy, and debt service for vacant units for HUD 50059 Section 8, Section 202 PAC/PRAC, and Section 811 PRAC programs.

Affordable Housing Detail Image
Affordable Housing Detail Image

Empower your staff with affordable housing resources

Train your team, provide Affordable Housing support, and issue resolution.

Our team of knowledgeable consultants and trainers conduct training and provide user support for operational and financial procedures for Affordable Housing programs including HUD 50059, Tax Credit/HOME, Rural Development and local programs. Enjoy on-site, classroom-style courses, or virtual training with our skilled staff. REdirect also provides post-property onboarding user support for your team or you can partner with us for ongoing help desk support.

Connecting Excel to Your MRI and Yardi Data

Pull live data into Excel & drill down to source transactions.

REdirect has introduced us to [a] product which allows us to pull data directly from a PDF that the operating partner has provided.

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