Connecting Excel to Your MRI and Yardi Data

Pull live data into Excel while maintaining the ability to drill down to source transactions.

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Productivity and Collaboration

Productivity and Collaboration

With today’s technology, creating content can be simple. Storing, sharing, and collaborating on it can be more challenging, however. If your content isn’t managed properly, navigating it to find what you need or track its progress becomes a difficult, time-intensive process. With REdirect’s Productivity and Collaboration Services for general document management and products like Microsoft Office 365 Cloud and SharePoint, we help give you tools and support your need to organize and manage your content throughout its lifecycle, from creation to archive. Our services are proven to significantly raise the IT capabilities of any organization while lowering the cost of IT services and software. Additionally, our custom SharePoint application administration and support services include information sharing, documents management, data consolidation, enterprise search implementation, business process automation, and business intelligence.

As a trusted Microsoft partner, we manage the full suite of Office 365 Cloud services, including:

  1. MS Office
  2. Exchange Email
  3. SharePoint for Document Management and Multi-Purpose Applications
  4. Lync Unified Communication
  5. Office 365 Administration, User Access, and Security