January 11, 2019 10:00AM

Top Real Estate Tech Tips & Trends of 2018

As real estate software implementation consultants specializing in MRI, Yardi, RealPage, and more, we love to introduce our clients to new technology to improve their efficiency, and ultimately their bottomline. What we love most is helping implement these products and training beyond the basics to maximize the tech capabilities and really make it work for you.

Therefore, we put together this cheat sheet of the top blogs our readers found the most interesting and informative in 2018, ones that focused on real estate tech tips, trends, and news.

1. Top Real Estate Tech Trends: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, intelligent systems, and artificial intelligence (AI)  is becoming increasingly prevalent in real estate software. According to “Forbes,” the tech disruption trend will begin to influence property valuation, property management, and everything in between. In this blog, we take a look at AI for property managers, deep learning and data entry, and robot brokers as the top RE tech trends of 2018.

2. Cyber Security in Real Estate: How to Protect Your Business

In today's tech environment, any business can face challenges related to cyber security. With intelligent buildings and smart everything, legacy building systems are now internet-enabled; they are now vulnerable to all types of IT system threats. Thus, special care is warranted for the real estate industry, especially pertaining to corporate liability. In our blog, we cover one of the biggest cyber security threats in our industry with a case study on spoofing emails and phishing.

3. 1099s: Seven Simple Steps

One area of assistance we shed light on each year is the seemingly complicated filing of 1099s. In 2018, we penned what became a very popular blog about the proper steps needed to file your 1099s and updates on new deadlines. We simplified the 1099 process using your company’s real estate software, saving time and hopefully preventing some headaches.  

2018—A Good Year

This past year showed a sea change for the real estate tech industry: The rise of machine learning, AI, intelligent systems, as well as the heightened threat of cyber security. We hope that our regular blogging on these important issues as well as other trends that surface are helpful to you. Our goal is to keep you up-to-snuff with the latest industry happenings and provide your with our own insights and outlooks. We love the evolution of tech and look forward to keeping you up to date in 2019.