April 10, 2014 2:00PM

Yardi 7S Upgrade Tips

Yardi’s constant innovation also means changes within your organization as you upgrade to Voyager 7s. Use these tips before any upgrade to ensure a smooth transition!

  1. Test, test, test! Yardi provides a test database for you, do not make the switch until you review your data. Yardi continues to streamline the upgrade process but something will always slip through the cracks. Make sure you find those items during the testing process. Special items to pay attention to:
    • Custom reports developed over the years
    • Any interfaces to external systems, even those that simply consist of ETL imports or exports
    • All critical processes end-to-end regardless of how basic – Yardi is a complex system with many different configuration options. When upgrading to a significant new version like 7S you need to confirm that all critical functions still work as you expect. This includes basic daily tasks as well as monthly, quarterly and annual processes

  2. Train your users on the differences between v6 and v7s. Although most of the updates are added functionality certain processes will need to change. REdirect can provide trainings on the differences between each product

  3. Review all documents available on Client Central through Yardi has built an extensive database of learning items that are available to clients for free.

  4. Use this time to look at your internal processes – what processes are redundant? What additional modules have you been waiting to implement since change in any organization is difficult? This is the perfect opportunity to streamline your processes and add additional functionality. REdirect's Gap Analysis can help identify areas in your organization that are ripe for change.

  5. Seek out organizations similar to yours to discuss the upgrade. Two ways to do this is to ask your account manager to introduce you to some clients at Yardi’s Advanced Solutions Conference (YASC) or through Yardi’s LinkedIn group: Yardi Systems User Group.

Contact us today to discuss training your organization on 7s!