Youssef Hamid

Youssef Hamid

Senior Consultant

Youssef Hamid is a dedicated professional with a diverse skill set in data science, software development, and software/data consulting. With a strong educational background and a commitment to personal and professional growth, Youssef brings his valuable expertise to REdirect after his tenure as a Lead Software Developer at WebMD Health Services. At WebMD, Youssef earned recognition for his immediate impact on major projects, playing a key role in rearchitecting and maintaining ETL pipelines, improving performance, and executing data migrations. As a Freelance Data Migration/Conversion Specialist, Youssef has successfully provided web and database design solutions to businesses and individuals, collaborating closely with clients to meet their unique needs. Youssef's previous roles at MRI Software, including Manager, Senior Solutions Consultant, and Solutions Consultant, have showcased his technical expertise and leadership skills in solution architecture, data migration, and training colleagues in SQL development. Additionally, Youssef's career has encompassed positions in education, theatre, and music, highlighting his versatility and passion for both technical and artistic pursuits. With a proven track record of empowering individuals, building strong relationships, and achieving outstanding results, Youssef has received prestigious awards such as the Circle of Excellence at MRI Software and the Moxie Award at WebMD Health Services, recognizing his exceptional contributions and innovative thinking. With his unwavering dedication, expertise, and commitment to growth, Youssef Hamid continues to excel and make a significant impact in his field.


Youssef is a husband and father above all else. Youssef enjoys spending his "free" time with his family, watching soccer (mostly European leagues), playing Fantasy Premier League, or refereeing soccer matches. He also loves to binge-watch criminal/procedural action and drama tv series' and movies. Lastly, Youssef enjoys being an active creator of quizzes for the Sporcle.

Youssef Hamid

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San Diego, CA Aug 27, 2024 — Aug 29, 2024
YASC North America returns on August 27-29. Connect with property managers, owners, operators and investors for an in-depth insight into all things related to industry trends, emerging challenges and Yardi. Tap into Yardi solution experts and discover how you can grow and innovate your software.
I was particularly impressed with the depth and breadth of expertise in their business. They were always available to answer my questions and provide guidance.

Steve Ranyard - Head of Finance