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August 19, 2016 12:52PM

On Becoming a Real Estate Investment Management Powerhouse (Part I)

Yardi’s footprint in the real estate investment management (IM) world is growing, and in a big way. With an already powerful “investor-to-lease” platform becoming ever more robust each year, Yardi is investing considerable resources in their IM toolkit, with an eye toward even bigger growth on the near-horizon, too.

With such an evolutionary, increasingly valuable product, it is no wonder, then, that Yardi generally prefers to work directly with clients to personally show them how best to maximize their software’s potential. We at REdirect were therefore honored to have been one of a select group of only six consultancy firms invited by Yardi for an intensive, three-day, concentrated training workshop at Yardi headquarters in Santa Barbara, to learn all about the newest features Yardi is—and will be—introducing to their IM platform.

From Back to Front

Historically, Yardi has been most useful in the “back office” end of real estate investment management: many accounting and finance teams have long been relying on Yardi to keep accurate and timely track of investors’ capital transactions and managing complex ownership structures. While Yardi is making impressive moves on the “front office” end (more on this, in Part II of this blog), major additions and evolutions to back-office capabilities will significantly enhance the way your investment accounting team operates.


There is nothing as important to your investors as accurate, easy-to-read, performance return reports. With Yardi’s InvestorPlus module, you can easily create and configure composite returns based on real-time information using any number of variables. Want to show an investor how their investment has fared with a specific property type (retail space), in a specific region (the southeast United States), managed by a specific asset manager? No problem. With InvestorPlus, your team will be able to calculate these detailed composite returns on the fly.

Capital Processing

Previously, managing the three major types of transactions—capital calls, distributions, and return of capital—had to be juggled among disparate parts of your accounting system. No more. Yardi has now introduced Capital Processing, a virtual one-stop-shopping for all types of capital transactions. Reducing transaction time means people getting their money faster, which means happier investors, which means a happier you.

In the next and final blog of this two-part series, we will move on down the hallway—from the back office to the front office—and explore the impressive new additions that are bolstering investor relations.

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