October 29, 2019 11:39AM

REdirect: 20 Years in Business

To celebrate 20 years in business at REdirect, we are taking a look back at how it all started, beginning all the way back in the mid-’70s. REdirect’s founding principal, Alan Ilberman, started his journey in the real estate industry at an NYC property management firm that was moving from manual financial operations to a new computer program. Alan helped optimize and automate some of their processes. Thus, the first implementation project was born.

After many years at that NYC firm, Alan and a colleague formed a boutique property management and advisory firm that worked for select clients and focused on project management, acquisition due diligence, and business process review.

Y2K + the Birth of REdirect

As the last century was drawing to a close, clients began asking technology questions and seeking advice in light of the critical business concerns around Y2K. During this period, software based on MS Windows was being introduced, and much of the industry was on DOS based legacy systems, which were not necessarily industry specific. To address this new need, REdirect was born.

REdirect evolved right alongside the development of real estate-specific software solutions. We got in on the “ground floor” and developed early partnerships with the first real estate software companies.

Our Biggest Steps

It is really exciting to look back on two decades of growth and success. Over the years, we’ve expanded the services we offer in a major way. We were the earliest implementers of Investment Management software in both Yardi and MRI. We’ve built a dedicated investment management practice group, an expert help desk group, and have grown our consulting team from three to over 40.

When it comes to how the real estate pros deal with data and how it is reported, the industry certainly has matured. We have seen it grow amazingly since 1999, and we’ve had to stay agile in order to stay ahead of the technology curve. One of our biggest differentiators has been to hire and retain experienced industry leaders and team members to service our clients, build out different avenues of business, and enable our long-term growth.

The Future + Beyond: Where We Are Headed

Firms often implement their software but don’t optimize it, or they don’t really learn how to leverage the systems they have. There are definitely gaps in the way software is incorporated into daily business processes and best practices. We are focused on helping companies make the most of their technology and create a bigger ROI from their tech.

We’re looking ahead to the next wave of what our clients need. We’ve branched out into more cutting-edge areas, including robotic process automation and treasury management.

Our international expansion was launched in our 20th-anniversary year. As we continue to work more in EMEA in 2020, the future looks bright. Having already engaged in some important projects in those areas, we can’t wait to take on new opportunities to learn and grow.

We will continue to position ourselves as a hub for some of the most experienced real estate tech professionals in the world. With that in mind, retention and acquisition of amazing talent is always a focus. We want to continue to be a great home for individuals who work hard and are up for a challenge, and who are also ready to be part of an amazing team.

We are proud of our 20-year history and our strong ability to adapt and change with the marketplace and industry. Moving forward, we will continue to have a strong focus on technology—implementations, optimizations, and customizations—that add the most value for our clients. We’re honored to have been part of this industry and look forward to continuing our journey and what’s yet to come in real estate and technology.