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You often hear the praises of Excel from the business users, but the disapproval from IT.  The benefits of Excel are certainly it's use-of-use and all around flexibility.  The challenges, however, come to light when it becomes a repository of data disconnected from your source system (ex. MRI, Yardi, etc.), and when each user ends up maintaining their own version of a report template.  

Spreadsheet Server, our powerful Excel-based reporting tool, allows you to benefit from the power of Excel without losing the integrity of your property management and accounting system.  By leveraging a direct connection to the source data, Excel becomes a powerful report design and analysis environment, while the source system continues to store all your data.  This ensures that your information in your reports is always accurate and up-to-date.  

With Spreadsheet Server we connect directly to MRI or Yardi and create report templates that can be used for any asset/property/entity, and any reporting date.  By creating standardized, reusable templates, you always start from the approved standard, rather than each person's "last revision" reducing inconsistency.  In addition, the need for storing hundreds of iterations of the report for each asset/property and month, go away. 

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