January 11, 2018 10:01AM

Most Popular Blogs of 2017 for MRI Users

From Your Trusted MRI Implementation Consultant...

As experienced MRI consultants, we thought our MRI clients and, frankly, all MRI users would benefit from a summary blog recapping what we’ve learned in 2017. For a crash course on our insights and what’s new in terms of MRI upgrades, MRI implementation tidbits, and the industry as a whole, this blog is for you.

#1: 9 Features We Love About MRI X

Without further ado, our most read blog on MRI real estate software in 2017 is: 9 Features We Love About MRI X. As your trusty MRI implementation consultant, we wrote this blog to keep our MRI users in-the-know. We focus on nine recent MRI  upgrades and features that will make the biggest difference in your day-to-day operations.

#2: 6 Elements for the Ultimate Investment Management Platform

Coming in at No. 2 on our 2017 list of most popular blogs on MRI real estate software is our post, 6 Elements for the Ultimate Investment Management Platform.

Over the summer, we attended the Real Estate Investment Management Workshop Breakfast at the San Diego Realcomm conference and were given the task of designing our dream investment management platform with the country’s leading investment management and consulting firms. We developed our ultimate wish list—our top six requirements—for the perfect investment management platform, touching on topics like fund and portfolio performance, property and fund accounting, fundraising and capital management, buy/sell/hold Analytics, and investor experience via investor portals and customized reports.

#3: 5 Insights from MRI’s International User Conference

Last, but certainly not least—our third most popular blog of 2017 is none other than: 5 Insights from MRI’s International User ConferenceAnd you guessed it, this blog covers five of the biggest pieces of news regarding MRI upgrades and company happenings including Multifamily Connect, residential management, commercial management, and overall product functionality.

Thank You For Reading

We hope that you found this summary blog helpful as we took a look back at 2017. We wanted to extend a big thank you for reading our blog throughout this past year and making these three extra successful.

We look forward to seeing what’s to come in 2018 for MRI and keeping you informed with our insights, tips, and developments as they come to our attention.

Here’s to an amazing and productive 2018!

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