Rob Crichlow

Rob Crichlow

Managing Director, International

Rob comes to us with tremendous experience spanning a 40 year career in real estate technology.   Rob began his career by launching a firm focused on developing accounting software for real estate firms.  His software, Real Estate Computer Systems, Inc., was eventually sold to MRI as the genesis for the DOS product.  Rob joined MRI at that time to lead product development and launch MRI’s PC product to the market.  Rob’s career at MRI spanned over 30 years in several key leadership roles including  -

  • VP of Client Services
  • Managing Director, International Subsidiaries
  • VP of Business Development
  • Business Manager - Corporate Real Estate products
  • Sr. Director of Product Development – Platform X, Affordable Housing, and Workspeed product lines

Rob was responsible for taking MRI international, transitioning from a US based firm to launching 6 international offices.  He worked with product development on the globalization and localization of the software suite.    We are fortunate to have Rob’s experience in this area it will help accelerate our international expansion.   

Rob Crichlow

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Events Rob will be Attending

London, England Oct 31, 2019 — Oct 31, 2019

The UK Apartment Association hosts a jam-packed day of build-to-rent sessions, workshops, and info sharing space followed by a networking dinner.

London, England Nov 20, 2019 — Nov 21, 2019

The Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference (YASC) in Europe is becoming a don’t-miss event for Yardi clients in the European region. This event provides one-on-one opportunities between our valued clients and Yardi developers, executives, and product experts. Each year we strive to make YASC Europe bigger, better, and more informative.

London, England Feb 12, 2020 — Feb 13, 2020

Discover new and upcoming functionality and uncover ways to further optimise your system.

Online Nov 16, 2020 — Nov 20, 2020

Stop by our virtual booth to chat with our team and learn more about our UK-based operations. 

Webinar Nov 24, 2020 — Nov 24, 2020

Join us for a panel discussion on how to drive investment return and performance reporting featuring speakers from REdirect and Global Apartment Advisors. Register here

Virtual May 5, 2021 — May 5, 2021

Join us for a Robotic Process Automation webinar, where we will feature several new use cases of RPA in action. Register here to save your spot. 

Virtual May 10, 2021 — May 13, 2021

We are please to attend and sponsor this years MRI Ascend EMEA virtual conference. Stop by our booth for a chat and a chance to win ;)

Virtual Jun 22, 2021 — Jun 22, 2021

Join us as we walk through best practices for MRI, accounting, and reporting at this year's Canadian Client Forum. 

Be sure to register by June 7 to receive MRI's event kit. 

Virtual Jul 13, 2021 — Jul 13, 2021

We are participating in the UKAA's Reverse Trade Show. Get matched with the opportunities you're looking for and swap info in this speed networking meeting. 

Virtual Aug 10, 2021 — Aug 10, 2021

Join us as we walk through best practices for MRI, accounting, and reporting. This webinar will focus on optimising MRI PMX. MRI Partner, REdirect, will cover common use cases, suggestions for greater efficiency, and areas where MRI users often slip up. MRI Software will also be presenting new enhancements forthcoming for PMX so you can make the best plan for building a more efficient system.