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The 10 Best Posts of 2015

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2015 has been filled with exciting developments in real estate and investment management technology. We take pride in the fact that our blog helps to clarify and put into perspective some of the most intriguing developments from around the industry. As the New Year approaches, we’d like to look back on the stories that you, the reader, found most useful. The posts you’ll find below are our most “clicked on” of the year. We look forward to delving even deeper in 2016 to provide you the intelligence and analysis you need to stay informed and ahead of the curve.

10) Mythbusting: The Real Estate Software Solution Edition


For many real estate investment and management firms considering investing in a real estate management platform, the cost and commitment can be foreboding. To minimize the dread, far too many succumb to common feel good myths.
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9) Is It Time to Invest in a Specialized Software Solution? Three Questions for Real Estate Investment Managers


With the rise of specialized technology solutions like Yardi and MRI, you may be thinking that it's time for a more comprehensive software solution system customized for your needs.
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8) Meet Yardi’s NEW Client Central


Here are a few key things you need to know about the new Yardi Client Central including categorized search, single login, user group functionality, and easy accessibility.
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7) Automated Spreadsheets: It's Time to Excel at Excel


If your spreadsheets are living an independent, static life, wholly separate from your database, you are not only maximizing the potential for error, but you’re wasting valuable employees’ time—not to mention company money.
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6) Five Key Questions to Ask Before Implementation


Implementing a new system is challenging at best; at worst, it could be a time-sucking nightmare. It all depends on with whom you choose to embark on the implementation journey.
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5) Three Things You Might Not Know About Real Estate Software Solutions


Before taking the plunge into a new platform like Yardi or MRI, there are three key, inalienable truths with which your team must grapple.
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4) Five Functions of Your MRI Software You Aren’t Using (but Should)


Implementation fatigue affects the majority of newly minted MRI users, undermining ROI and eating into productivity. How will you fight it?
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3) What to Expect from MRI X


Take a look at what you can expect to find in the newest version of MRI's award-winning real estate software system, MRI X.
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2) Five Functions of Yardi You Aren’t Using (but Should)


If you’re like the majority of Yardi users, you may be neglecting some key functions, including a lot of the bells and whistles that sold you on the software in the first place.
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1) Seven Things to Know about Yardi 7s


The new Yardi Voyager 7s upgrade incorporates an impressive number of truly consequential changes to users’ daily business operations.
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