Alan Ilberman

Alan Ilberman


Alan, a founding partner of REdirect Consulting, has 45 years of experience in the real estate industry as a business owner, property owner/manager and advisor. He spent his first seventeen years in the industry at a NYC property owner-management firm.  Starting out on a team that implemented one of the first enterprise real estate-focused computer systems, Alan was subsequently exposed to all areas of operations and administration. His focus was on developing internal procedures and controls for lease compliance assurance, escalations billing formulae, document preparation and critical date administration.    


In 1993, Alan co-founded Business Solutions Inc., which offered a boutique property management experience.  It also provided advisory services, acquisition due diligence, and business process analyses for property management firms.  


In 1999, with the fear of Y2K looming and with new RE tech advances and products coming onto the marketplace, Alan, with his experience understood what challenges the industry was facing and together with two colleagues, formed REdirect to address these needs. His vision to create an organization that would be a trusted advisor and advocate for clients faced with technology related challenges remains a key mission to this day.  


As a Principal at REdirect Alan focuses on the areas of Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources. He works closely with the other Principals on strategic initiatives as the firm draws the roadmap for another 20 years of continued growth and innovation. 

Alan Ilberman

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The flexibility and attention we received from REdirect in their service delivery, I don't think we could have received from any other consultants out there.

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